The Sammatz goats are having babies right now

• Stop by and enjoy the wonderful sight of the little ones. The kids jump lively through the stable and climb goat style on everything that comes in their way. For example the mummy …  🙃  

The Thuringian Forest Goats are an old breed of domestic animals, which is on the Red List of the GEH (Society for the Preservation of Old and Endangered Domestic Animal Breeds). At the open stables of our Arche-Farm you can get very close to them.

As a “real” farm with milk processing we are also an adventure farm for young and old, because humans and animals have a long common history and should know and like each other well. There must be a reason why your heart can so open up when you just watch our farm animals living their lives.

With a lot of respect for the great animals we still have a lot of things to do together!

Roses in full bloom

– every instant anew they enchant us with their abundance, their colours and scents. These days wandering through the Sammatz Gardens is like wading through a sea of flowers and roses.

The rose touches the human soul in a special way – for instance when it is ‘worth a thousand words’ whenever a lover hands it over to the loved one. The roses, too, which radiate their colours in the gardens now tell us more than we’d be able to express verbally.

A special time of the year – visit us, look and smell for yourselves! (-;

What’s next?

• Until further notice events are still cancelled. However provisional bookings are possible any time.

It depends on the future regulations issued by the government of Lower Saxony whether seminars and other events can take place again.

We will promptly inform you of any changes and will then tell you how we shall proceed with our seminars in the House of Nature, our experience days at Michaelshof and the concerts at the Waldsee.

Important: You’re welcome to book any future event. We will treat your booking as provisional. In case the event will not take place your payment will be returned immediately.

Stay healthy!
The events team

News from Michaelshof – on a regular basis

— When life will gain momentum again, we will be happy to start a newsletter and keep you informed about everything (worthy of your interest) that is going on in Sammatz.

There will be a special subscription page on our website – if you would like to subscribe earlier please send an e-mail to

Right now the Sammatz “current affairs” can of course be followed on our social media – Facebook & Instagram, check them out!

We will hopefully see you – in real life too,

the Michaelshof team

Our farm shop is still open –
the Café am Michaelshof is (hopefully) still serving “to go”

– in accordance with current rules our farm shop at Arche-farm Sammatz ist still open during the regular opening hours (see below). And we do still have products on our shelves waiting for you!

The Café at Michaelshof is closing its indoor service on Saturday, 23rd March at 6 p.m. However, serving customers to go is still allowed. During the current shorter opening hours (Mon-Fri 3 to 6 p.m., Sat-Sun 2 to 6 p.m.) you may still purchase ice-cream, cakes and coffee and take them away. Please respect that consuming food & drinks is only allowed in a 50 m distance from the café. Do keep the security distance to other customers.

Let’s hope for good news: When there won’t be a curfew announced tomorrow a visit of the Sammatz gardens is still possible. The early bloomers, nota bene the first tulips would like to welcome you – and even a little refreshment will be waiting for you in the café. Action, joy and fresh air strenghen your resilience – as long as we all behave carefully everybody can enjoy it and nobody will suffer!

All events canceled until end of April

Following the recent regulations we have to cancel all events until end of April.

We will inform you as soon as possible if – respectivly under what terms – we can start our seminars in the House of Nature, our Experience Days at Michaelshof and our concerts at the Waldsee after this date.

Stay safe and sound!

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Farm Shop
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Michaelshof Sammatz

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Adress: Im Dorfe 11, 29490 Sammatz
Phone: +49 5858 970-30
Donations Account
SAL Treuhandstiftung
IBAN: DE16 4306 0967 2007 5878 02

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