Concerts at the Forest Lake

Events 2019

Dear Concert Goers at the Forest Lake,

Do you know the feeling? The feeling of helplessness, the feeling that you are drowning, that you are gasping for breath? The feeling that 24 hours in the day is not enough to get everything done?

The passage of time has always been inexorable – but in this modern era of the machine it seems to have sped up, to be racing by at a rate greater than ever before. The clock has become an instrument of domination and even of oppression as the internet enables communication between two distant points in real time. Time vanishes before our eyes. Disappearing into the ether and leaving us chasing after it desperately, begging it to slow down, to pause, to stop just once and give us a chance to breathe.

Unfortunately this can never happen, the clock just keeps on ticking…. Or does it? When we experience something intensely, does something strange not happen? Could it be said that time sometimes appears to stop, to stand still for a fraction of a second?

We all long for these moments of intensity, these moments in which the hands of the clock seem to falter momentarily. Maybe they do so because in these brief moments it’s easy for us to forget about them – about the time, about where we are? Moments like these are precious, they can keep us going for a long time.
For a city dweller, the atmosphere in Sammatz is already noteworthy – here the impossible has happened and time itself seems to have slowed down. This combined with the incredible beauty of the forest late with its natural acoustics and the striking nature of the Wendlands region as the seasons change, creates the unique and truly incomparable setting for our open-air concert series, ‘Concerts at the Forest Lake,’ on the pontoon directly on the water.

On the one hand, it is a challenge for the musicians to be exposed to the wind and the weather, but at the same time this is exactly the attraction of the series, imbuing it with a particular magic. The music and the musicians are engaged in a constant dialogue with the natural world and its living beings, it rings out in the nature and is surrounded by it. And this is where you sit, directly in the midst of all this: our audience.

The conditions conducive to the creation of such moments of joy rarely arise when one strives to achieve them but rather when one lets go – of time, of thoughts, of the will itself. This is probably one of the most difficult life lessons for all of us, especially today, in a modern era where everything around us is moving at such an extraordinarily fast pace.

In light of this: take the time to enjoy our highly acclaimed young baroque interpreters from Munich in the “Concerto Italiano” in the merry month of May and the gentle sounds of internationally sought-after woodwind soloists and the musical-scenic experiment of the “Festival Academy Hitzacker 2019” in June and July. In the heat of August come and experience the magic of the Russian pianist, Sofja Gülbadamova and or take delight in a wonderful violin-piano-evening at twilight, the blue hour of romance, as dusk falls in September.

I wish we all get the opportunity to experience these moments – these moments where time stands still, where we can pause and breath in deeply.
Warm wishes,

Yours Sophie Heinrich

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