18. August 2019

A change to our opening hours at the Café am Michaelshof

With the end of the holiday season, we have also shortened the opening hours of the café for a small lunch break.

From now on we will be there for you again at the usual times:

Mondays – Fridays:
08.00 – 12.00 am & 02:00 – 06:00 pm

08.00 am – 06.30 pm

Sundays and holidays:
09.30 am – 06.30 pm

We look forward to seeing you!

14. June 2019

Hello Daria, Hertha, Leo and Timo!

That hasn’t happened yet: last week, four calves were born in our stables within 24 hours! Two girls, two boys – all in good health, incredibly cute and today exactly one week old. Welcome to Sammatz!

The calves belong to the old breed called ‘Angler Rind’, which was native to our region, but is now threatened by extinction. The Arche-Hof farm at Michaelshof Sammatz focuses on keeping old domestic breeds.

In the calf stable, next to the farm shop, the new ‘kindergarten’ can also be visited by guests of any age. 

12. June 2019

Woodwind soiree at the Waldsee

In Sammatz, the roses are blooming all around, the evenings are warm and we are looking forward to a very special concert event:

On Sunday the 16th of June from 7 o’clock there will be music from Beethoven and the modern French composer Fancis Poulenc on the pontoon stage at Waldsee, presented by five internationally renowned woodwind virtuosos: Matthieu Gauci-Ancelin, flute, Maria José Garcia Zamora, bassoon, Juan Pechuan Ramirez, oboe, Daniel Gatz, clarinet and Sarah Ennouhi, horn, accompanied by Anna Kirichenko on piano.

After the first concert of this season was affected by the weather, we at Michaelshof hope, together with many music lovers, to be able to listen to the warm woodwind sounds in the enchanting environment of the Waldsee. The forecasts are favourable but in the event that it rains, our culture barn is available with its own acoustics as a substitute.

Concert tickets can be found here on the website, in the Café am Michaelshof or in the farm shop at the Archehof – and of course from 6 o’clock onwards at the box office. The entrance fee is 18 €.

We are looking forward to your visit!

10. June 2019

Rose-blossom in Sammatz

The time has come – all over the gardens of Sammatz, the roses are starting to blossom. The whole of June will be a real month of roses with new, glorious surprises that are not to be missed.

In our gardens are approximately 2000 roses from about 500 different varieties, all waiting to delight flower lovers.

The great thing is that every rose is different. They grow individually, climb trees or form mighty bushes. They bloom in a variety of colours. Some impress with their fullness whilst others charm with delicate grace. Some have only a hint of aroma whilst others mesmerise with heavy scents.

The walk becomes a voyage of discovery – we wish you all heaps of joy and a very special rose experience!

21. May 2019

From the Gardens of Sammatz

At the moment there is a wonderful mood of spring in the Sammatz gardens which invites you to take a joyful walk.

While the last tulips in shady places still unfold to reveal their strong, beautifully matching colours, the peonies are beginning to open up, competing for their place amongst the most magnificent flower formations.

All over the village, roses announce their arrival with buds and on the perennial plateau the first rhododendron have blossomed under the high old beeches in a picturesque fashion. The most beautiful clematis also attract attention again with their lush flower curtains.

For an experience that is charming in a completely different way, take a detour to the ‘Waldgärtlein’ located above the Waldsee, where currently the first beds containing shadow plants are coming into their own.

It is May: never before, especially in the morning hours, has birdsong rang so audibly in the nature of Sammatz as it has in recent weeks.

See you soon in the Gardens of Sammatz!

21. May 2019

Where to buy Sammatz products

You may purchase our Joghurt, cheese and meat products not only in our Arche-Hof farm shop but in other places too: We successfully started selling at the Markthalle in Dannenberg. ‹Käse Hensel› in Lüneburg has various types of Sammatzian cheese. In Hamburg you can get our products at Alsterhaus, in the delicatessen department. It’s only recently that the shopping mall Famila in Winsen as begun to sell a variety of Sammatzian cheese as well.

And of course you can still find our products at Famila in Dannenberg, one of our first sellers in the region.

Buy local! If you’re in or around Hamburg, Winsen, Lüneburg or Dannenberg don’t hesitate to get delicious regional milk products from Michaelshof at the above mentioned locations!

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Adress: Im Dorfe 11, 29490 Sammatz
Phone: +49 5858 970-30
Mail: info@sammatz.de
Donations Account
SAL Treuhandstiftung
IBAN: DE16 4306 0967 2007 5878 02

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