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Nr. 10 / MAI 2021
                               # 13 / AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2021
So, how’s campaigning?
Local elections 2021 – Lüchow-Dannenberg. Everything seems pretty normal, parties making a fuss, doing panel discussions and giving away free pens. But wait a minute. This year, an initiative from the northernmost corner of the Wendland is getting involved, from Michaelshof Sammatz: the (somewhat different) voters’ association KalliEco. This kind of politics is new territory for all of us. We’ll tell you here how we’re getting on.
For a week now we have been on tour almost every day. Finally we are out with KalliEco, and we are having great fun getting to know people in Hitzacker, Lüchow, Dannenberg and everywhere in between. So many encounters, it’s always worthwhile to talk on the street. Of course, sometimes people are too busy to stop and chat. Some accept a flyer with a smile, and many simply strike up a conversation with us.
Here are a few of our highlights:
  • In front of a supermarket. ‘Politics? No way, I don’t want to hear about it. Lots of promises, nothing happens.’ After a few minutes of disappointment about politics, the gentleman found out that we were from Michaelshof and said he wanted to drive by there later with his grandson. When you talk about a breath of fresh air in politics, I believe you”.
  • While putting up posters: ‘Is it OK if we put this up in front of your house?’ – ‘Yes, of course, I’m just smiling because I’ve already voted for you!’
  • In Lüchow market place: The flower seller hears about KalliEco, and that nature and flowers have a great impact on the human soul. He says he used to work as a bouncer and experienced many situations that were not particularly pleasant. Someone suggested to him that he should move back to the countryside. Now he is a flower seller and enjoys the beauty of his flowers every day. The next time, he gave us bouquets of flowers. Beauty does the trick.
We could tell many more similar stories. Community meets local election campaign? That works, my friends! Many of those we speak to are simply amazed that anyone is seriously listening to them. That’s what we have learned in many years of living together. That’s where ideas come from, that’s where something new comes from, that’s where politics comes from.
Michaelshof up to date – at a glance!

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KalliEco home game on 4th & 5th September – save the date!
Let’s meet in Sammatz. The following weekend it’s make or break in the local elections. In addition to exciting discussions, you can expect a colourful programme with themed contributions and group discussions. Also, there’ll be delicious organic food in our café and maybe a surprise or two … Come along and chat with us!
The exact programme will be published on our website later this week.
… in Michaelshof Gardens!
Curtains up – it’s dahlia time!
The magnificent dahlias, which flower from midsummer until deep into autumn, are the pride of every traditional cottage garden and attract all eyes with their bright colours. The symmetry of dahlia blossoms is unique and evokes a perfection that can only be found in nature. You can spend hours immersing yourself in the colour transitions, the very different shapes and compositions. And you can observe the insects that also enjoy the dahlia garden. A late summer festival!

Let’s talk!

They say conversation is “more precious than gold” – what would ever work without talking to each other? It is only when I speak out that it becomes apparent what really carries weight in my thoughts. The most beautiful ideas come to nothing if no one listens to them. A community can endure conflicts, they are part of life. It cannot survive without a willingness to talk. Difficult things become easy, souls shine when the spark is ignited. There is more strength between us than in each individual. A good spirit weaves between people who come together. Life is so much more beautiful and colourful when this works!
It is the same in a community as everywhere else, in every relationship, in the family, at work, in the village or the neighbourhood. They say the tone makes the music. According to a survey, two thirds of people in Germany would like to see “significant changes in politics”.  But these changes start with style, with the way we live and talk together! Tearing down walls, discovering people – that’s where it starts.
In a neighbouring village there is a Saturday morning meeting, at an old table for milk churns under the village oaks. Now a pizza oven has been added. In another, there is a “village academy” where residents look for answers to their questions, to explain, to lend, to repair. There’s always someone able to do it. And in yet another village, they have introduced a coffee chat. The whole village is invited to a neighbour’s house, usually in the garden if there are too many people, and everyone brings something along. That way, people get to know each other more privately – and as a guest, there is also less scolding when there are contentious issues, they say.
So there’a also change in the neighbouring villages, and it has already started! Climate clubs, flower clubs, why not? When we come together, we change something – first the tone, then the music.
Community’s like kittens
You didn’t miss them when you didn’t have them, but when they suddenly appear, you don’t want to live without them. Whether community or kittens – they both bring a lot of joy, they both bring people together, they both give rise to previously unknown thoughts and feelings. And of course, the best thing of all is to experience them in a double pack.

Things we’ve found on the web &
The best net find of all is, of course, the new KalliEco website. Up to date, with lots of information, humorous and perhaps a little irritating for some. KalliEco for all – that’s just the way it is!

Grassroots There is something going on in the villages. New associations are taking a stand against the extinction of village culture. For example in Bolzum and  Wehmingen. Oder in Flegessen, Hasperde and Klein Süntel. City dwellers are amazed and a little envious …

Almost as cool as village clubs: Rezo is once again jostling his way through politics – and is being heard.
PRESERVING – Harvest time is preserving time, and no end’s in sight yet. You in the evening with everyone who is still able (or not) and of course with le chef des Weckgläser, Christian. State of the party: beans large 400 jars, cucumbers sweet 60 jars, 850 litres in total.
PHOTOGRAPHER For a few weeks now Andres, a photographer from Colombia, has been with us and supports us with great pictures of all kinds. And Laura from Spain is back! We are very happy. Let’s get the pictures done and moving!
Utopia Conference of the Leuphana University Lüneburg, the Michaelshof food truck was responsible for the catering. Food stand – the best networking hotspot! It was fun and well received.
JUST MARRIED Two weddings in one week! Congratulations, Nicole and Etienne, Barbara and Finn – now you’re in the wedding!
EVENT LOCATION HAUS DER NATUR We hosted a meeting of the Alfred Toepfer Academy for Environmental Protection in cooperation with the Schlewsig-Holstein Centre for Nature Education and the Loki Schmmidt Foundation Hamburg. The great knapweed was chosen as flower of the year – goes without saying that it also grows in our gardens!
‹KalliEco for all› – Postcards to our Voters
In addition to posters with our top candidates, we also have a colourful series ‘KalliEco 4all’ with funny, wise and sometimes quite nonsensical motifs. Something for everyone!
For our team we are looking for dynamic and proacitve people who like to take responsibility and have a zest for life. Is a meaningful activity more important to you than a “9 to 5 job”? Then you’ve come to the right place!
We are searching for experts in the following areas:
For Screen Lovers: 
  • Marketing expert
  • Social Media / Onlinemarketing 
  • Public Relations
  • IT / Web-Development
  • IT in General
  • Photo Editing / Archive

  • Agriculture
  • Gardening
  • Construction, Carpentry, Drywall Construction
  • Electricity
  • Janitorial Service 

  • Dairy
  • Bakery 

Humans & Healing
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Pedagogy / Social Worker
  • Action art
  • Kindergarden                 
Lacking the qualifications, but you are still interested?
Just give it a try!
Send your application with a picture to claudia.brady@sammatz.de – we’ll contact you!
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Calves about to go out to pasture –
we like it!

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