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#1 / 8th of September 2020
Hello everybody!
We’re super happy to send you our 1st newsletter. We have a German edition and an English one for all volunteers and friends out there and will send it on a regular basis – every week or fortnight, let’s see …
Feel free to send us feedbacks, contributions, pictures – whatever. We might as well turn it into a communication tool for all of us. Have a good time whereever you are! We sure hope to see you back one day – the sooner the better 🙂

The baby goats – so sweet …

The goatlings born since spring are still small, curious and lively. Everywhere they have to climb up, play with each other, argue and make up again, just like in a nursery. Our “goat rack” is especially nice to look at: the climbing wall at the back of the stable, which is always well visited.
The little ones belong to the old domestic animal breed of the Thuringian Forest Goats or to the family of Toggenburger Goats. Their mothers give milk for the goat cheese which we produce in the dairy at Michaelshof – for example the goat cream cheese Mediterranean or with lemon. Delicious and one more reason for big and small goat fans to visit the Arche-Hof farm at Michaelshof at the moment!

Volunteers – the world meets Sammatz

About 100 volunteers are currently living at Michaelshof to learn, to help, to make friends, to evolve … We love the people, the diversity of their cultures and the broad horizon they bring with them. Somehow this is mutual … Sammatz as a ‘global village’– we like that!
“When I came to Sammatz, I only wanted to see a tiny part of the world, but it is the whole world in one place. Sammatz became my family and my second home.” (Franco, Peru)

Meet Amy & the Baker Boys

A look at Sammatz International Bakery – if you want to know who puts our delicious bread in the oven … come inside and take a look!

What’s going on

+++  summer@home: Lots of visitors in the café and the gardens! +++ Construction site village road: the sewerage works are progressing – with participation of the Sammatz Landbau team! +++ Since a few days we are one girl more. Welcome, little Tilda! 🙂 +++

Sammatz Webshop starting soon
In a few days we start a Sammatz webshop for our own products – bread, cheese and so on – and other organic and beautiful products. We’ve had this project going on since end of last year, with volunteers helping all the way. Right now, an energetic volunteers marketing team is working on the publicity … For now we only deliver inside Germany. If you happen to be around – we’d love to have you drop by for a little shopping tour at shop.michaelshof-sammatz.de!
And for those outside Germany – who knows, one day … 😉
A huge thank you for everyone who has contributed or is still doing so!!
Crop in the barn
First grain harvest on the other side of the Elbe – at Hof Banratz, which has been part of our farm since last year. Everything under roof!
Visitors at Michaelshof – listened to briefly
“This is paradise!” … “We want to see the animals!” … “Why don’t they charge admission?”… “I have that flower in my garden too.” … “Can we come back tomorrow?” … “Is this a church thing?” … “Who is your garden designer?” … “I want an ice cream.” … “You speak such a good German you should be in foreign service, not serving cakes!”
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From our Gardens

Perennial high times  
A splendid sea of colours shines out from the beds these weeks. For our Arena and the Perennials Plateau it’s the most beautiful time of the whole year. Everybody shows what they can do, the perennials present themselves in the most diverse colours – and everything fits together! The gardener is happiest when the gaps between the plants disappear and the perennials form a dense circle…
Only then is the wedding perfect! (-;
End of the summer  An almost autumnal atmosphere slowly makes itself felt in the gardens. In the morning, a fine mist already covers the water surfaces, the winds are blowing cooler and the sun is now going to bed with the children. A joyful murmur goes through nature – seed stands can be seen everywhere and the vegetable harvest is at its peak. Never again does nature present us with its fruits and its splendour – a true celebration of joy!
Dahlia magic  The colourful immigrants from Mexico are now a real experience. They produce one blossom after another – if the frost hadn’t destroyed them, they would probably continue to do so until spring. From large to small, from round to pointed, from white to (almost) black, everything is there. If you are here – make sure you visit our dahlia garden.
Every person is different!  When you meet someone new, you always assume that the other person sees and experiences the world in the same way as I do. If you get to know him or her better, you realise that unfortunately this is not the case. And if you get to know each other even better, it becomes clear that the other people are not just a little different from me, but that they see, smell, taste (you can immediately tell what one person likes or dislikes), feel and sense, in short, that they are different in the world. The different people show up like a cosmos of their own – and they still have to get along with each other… READ MORE (German only)
Job offers
We are looking for skilled and other motivated staff:
  •     Educator or other pedagogical specialist        
  •     Carpenter, building craftsman
  •     Pharmacist                                                              
  •     Gardener
  •     Web Designer                                                             
Please send your application with photo to info@sammatz.de!


For example Luis from Mexico, aerospace engineer and proven member of the agriculture team. The power lies in peace and quiet – but be careful not to disturb his sleep with room parties! Silent, humorous, collegial. His welding skills are in demand, he is also at home on and with various machines.
Why he is in Sammatz? “There is at least one moment every day that reminds me why I am here. I have good relations with some Sammatzers and long-term volunteers, so I feel that I don’t need more in life.”

What is growing here?

A glowing flock of dainty flower heads juts into the air – gracefully defying all weather and usually remaining with us until November. The knotweed – placed in the right place, it grows wonderfully dense; especially combined with grasses and rudbeckies, it is unbeatable in any shrub bed. Also a successful highlight in colourful bouquets!

Hello from the trenches

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