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# 6 / November 14th 2020
Quince lovers, watch out!
Only for a short time: Freshly harvested quinces from the gardens at Michaelshof are on sale in the farm shop. Those who love the incredible fruits and like to cook with them should visit the shop soon.
The quince does its own thing. It may look like an apple, but as it grows on the tree, it is – at least in Europe – inedible: bitter and rock hard. But in the fruit press or in the cooking pot it turns into the most delicious drinks and food – wonderfully refreshing quince juice, jam, jelly and of course quince cheese.
And then this smell! The scent of one quince can fill a large room …
You can also get our delicious quince jelly in the Michaelshof online shop.
TRY IT OUT right away!
Michaelshof info – at a glance!

Opening hours:
                  Mon-Sun 8 am-7 pm
Café am Michaelshof:   Only TO GO Sales
                                        Sat, Sun 2-5 pm
Farm shop Arche-Hof:  Mon-Fri 9:30-12 am, 3-6:30 pm
                                        Sat-Sun 9:30 am-6:30 pm

We kindly ask you to observe the safety regulations applicable in Lower Saxony.

The 2020 event season is over. We hope that the next seminars, concerts and experience days will take place from March 2021!


Bread (and money)
Our sunflower bread is very popular. Insiders also call it ‘wellness bread’ because it goes down so well, you know? It goes down better than most other breads. As soon as you eat it, you have to go to the shithouse – hahahahahaha!
What a tasteless joke, just goes to show I didn’t have enough alcopops in my diet today – none at all. That’s why my head is a bit foggy, suits the autumn mood when I look out on our beautiful plateau field full of mist, the geese rushing by, honey flowing and our charity stinks to high heaven. All this sums up to: Eat wellness bread, donate money (wherever it comes from 🙂), and everything is hunky-dory – ‘Alles in Butter’, as they say in Germany.


Here’s our butter – unfortuntately not available in our Onlineshop.
Webshop of the Michaelshof Community. Specialities from our own production and other nice things from Sammatz.
Naturally Demeter certified, so tender, fresh & delicious it makes you want to howl – Sammatz nut corners at the Michaelshof Online shop! ARF!
Magic of the season …
Ever asked yourself where the butterflies are when winter comes? What are those delicate wonders of colour doing now and in the coming months, while cold – and soon frost – will freeze life?
Nature loves abundance. So the answers are almost as varied as the butterflies themselves.
Hibernation is indeed possible in all four stages of their lives – egg, caterpillar, pupa, butterfly.
The eggs of the Purple Hairstreak can already be found between the buds of the oaks. The caterpillars of the White Admiral hibernate in a home-made leaf bag (hibernaculum) while the pupa of the Swallowtail is already hanging rigidly from a plant.

But the most amazing hibernation artist is the Brimstone. It sits down in the undergrowth, freezes and will nevertheless flutter through nature next year as the first herald of spring. This miracle is made possible by its body’s own glycerine, which serves as an ‘antifreeze’, and the excretion of almost all liquid before freezing.
Freeze without dying – the Brimstone has become a leaf until thawing

What is growing there?

Asters on the southern slope of the ‘Arena’. Gardens at Michaelshof
Each Aster is a small wonder of shapes and colours. In terms of size, the insect-friendly, easily adapting plants vary from tiny to impressively tall. In autumn they delight us with late colours and healthy growth. But beware: Once Asters feel comfortable in a bed, you won’t get rid of them so quickly!
The best part is the flowering period: its intense colours – from blue to pink to white – can be combined wonderfully from August to November.
Their late glow outshines almost all other autumn colours – it’s for a reason that they have the ‘star’ in their name.
We like them in combination with Phloxes or grasses – try out your own designs right away, because even in late autumn Asters are still easy to plant!

Hermanos di Ascenzi
three brothers from Argentina in Sammatz. And soon the mother will come.
In spring 2019, Valentin showed up at our place  – a 22-year-old, charming Argentinean who fitted in wonderfully with the community.
We began to hear about his older brothers, and in 2020 they really came, first Santiago, 30, an architect, and finally Agustin, 29, a bon vivant if we might say so.

Why do you travel – and why together?
Santiago: The real reason we left is because we wanted to have Italian citizenship. I had experienced too much how citizenship can open or close doors for you.

A great-grandfather di Ascenzi made it possible – for many Latin Americans, Italian descent is the gateway to Europe and to a kind of traveling that is not determined by jumping “in and out of Schengen zone”.
Santigao: Naples is great, everybody loves Maradona. But the citizenship proceedings were terribly stressful for me. Finally I got a phone call. We were sitting in a language class and the man said: “You are Italian now.” It may sound exaggerated, but it suddenly gave us other opportunities in our lives. For example, we would not be here, but would have had to return to Argentina after three months. Everything has changed.
Valentin was the first to leave Naples. He was looking for a place that offered food and lodging so that he could weigh opportunities from there. It didn’t necessarily have to be Germany, but on an Internet platform he found – Sammatz.
Dog of the Week
The Snoopy of the day: our Paula. Looks different, behaves different, but is a dog. Dog is dog, not that you think it is not a dog. Dogs are all different, sweet and biting at the same time. You want to pet them, but you don’t dare to if you love your mitts.
And yet this is our farm and house dog, faithful for over 10 years, well known to all visitors. We are all fond of him, but you should not get too close to him. Amen
Haupt-Aufgabengebiet: Garten-Team bewachen!
Office job also OK!
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+++  The Community is changing – volunteers become co-worker. Welcome! +++ Bye bye Palms, see you next year! – the big plant pots are moving into the green house +++ Another heartfelt welcome: Little djevojčka Frida has arrived +++ The peacocks are back, now to be admired in the big chicken run +++ Selma Lagerlöf-school in Wietzetze: We’re rolling, right now for instance learning about – Romulus & Remus, Hannibal & Cie.⚔️

We are looking for skilled and proactice co-workers:
  • Educator or other pedagogical specialists                               
  • Carpenter, builder
  • Pharmacist                                                                                
  • Gardener
  • Web designer, IT specialist                                                       
Please send your application with a photo to info@sammatz.de!

One for the road, one for the hill …

Happy Sisyphus – also already on his way uphill! Or: Being active is fun – even if it starts all over again every day …
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Anschrift: Im Dorfe 11
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Mail: info@sammatz.de
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