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Nr. 10 / MAI 2021
                                   Nr. 30 / JANUARY 2023

So, what does the garden team actually do in winter?

If you read this newsletter, you’ll always hear about the hard-working summer garden team. There’s always something to do, like weeding like crazy from May to October – a race against goutweed, so to speak. Then it’s hot outside and Summer in the City or in the Village. And in winter?

Then, too, we have our hands full, because the gardens need to be properly prepared! First, we planted thousands of tulip bulbs again this winter. And the team was really great this year – not so much complaining, and full power! We were done in no time.

Then there´s all the little winter tasks like cutting grasses, making flower beds pretty, and lots more. At the moment, the garden team is taking care of the many green benches that you can find throughout the garden. They get a basic work over including sanding and a new coat of paint. Then it’s the turn of Waltraud Schroll’s large wooden sculptures (look for them in the Arena and at the Waldsee) to be sanded and oiled. In the meantime, we tidied up our furniture store in Wietzetze, and every other corner of Sammatz is being taken care of very carefully.
For garden planners, winter is the time for seed planning and ordering. First we inventory our stock and then we plan which medicinal plants, ornamental plants and vegetables we still need. We have already sown the first vegetables such as lettuce, kohlrabi and peppers in the propagation greenhouse, and soon many more will join them.

Spring is creeping slowly closer, but the harsh February nights can still bring frost!  That´s why Hannah, Anton, Sophia and Co. are anxiously waiting with their more frost-sensitive plants. Fingers crossed!

Harbingers of spring
About Brigid time and the ‹big train station›

It may only be early February, but nature is already preparing for spring. Now that the forces of germination and concentration in the earth are at their strongest, we want to share with you what this time of year means for us.
The celebration of the Irish goddess and saint Brigid, the guardian of all living things, falls right in this season. ´Brigid time´ is a period of chaos and form, like the seed decaying into a formless-chaotic state before the new seed emerges from it. No trace of material continuity!

Under the earth’s surface it´s unbelievable how much happens in this time The early bloomers get ready to sprout and muster all their germination forces. Others still have a little more time, while the first snowdrops are even already visible to our eye and whisper of spring. If you imagine it, you could also speak of a full train station: Everyone is whirling around between the tracks in a seemingly chaotic way, but everyone has a very clear goal in mind and is working towards it in a highly concentrated manner. Consider also this: The plant doesn´t take shortcuts. No part of its growth cycle gets missed out, but one stage merges into the other in a miracle-full metamorphosis. If you think about it, everything else seems very unnatural!

So what does this time mean for us? The Brigid Season calls us to participate in concentration and thus help the earth in its processes. Let us learn to think in all things in metamorphosis, in gapless, moving transitions, as the plant does in growth – a lively, bright thinking that can observe and recognize nature. Let’s stay with it. Because as Beuys put it so beautifully, ‘If you don’t want to think, you get kicked out.’ And we don’t want that – Happy Brigid´s Time!

So, why should you actually donate to Michaelshof?
A long period of crises and uncertainty in the world affected many of us, Michaelshof too. Today we would like to give you 5 reasons why you should donate to Michaelshof:
1. Your donation goes directly to the goal: We use donations directly to fund the programs you care about. Whether it’s Peronnik, the gardens, the Ark animals, the community houses or other things – all the money we receive goes directly to the work of Michaelshof. Our administrative costs are extremely low, because we all want to further the common project, not our bank balance 🙂
2. Actively support international exchange: Through our volunteering, we not only teach the approximately 500 young people new skills every year; we also open a space where countless international friendships are formed for life. In this way, we all come across the similarities and differences between cultures on a daily basis and talk about them openly. Our motto: learning tolerance together! Bridge the gap! And create a place of peace with us!
3. Vocational orientation hands-on: every year about 450 students from Germany and Austria come to do their internship with us. Agriculture is in the foreground. Nevertheless, there is always time to get a taste of other areas and to get a feeling for a different, more social and sustainable way of life. Community = many things are possible! Will it be rather the lively nature, the construction site, the animals, the contact with customers like in the café or a social profession that you enjoy? Or none of the above? The future of tomorrow learns hands-on with us!
4. ESD / Sustainability / Biodiversity: With your donation you support a place that values sustainability – you can see and feel it. Whether it’s the Arche-Hof, Demeter agriculture, gardens full of insects and birds, our own local heating network or building with timber frame construction: At Michaelshof, are way of life is sustainable, and there are already many exciting things to discover in this area – and much more that we want to implement in the future!
5. A place for EVERYONE: Finally, you support a place where everyone can feel comfortable. You support open gardens for relaxation, the idea of community on a large and small scale, tolerance, inclusion, the joy of people and of creating the future together. Are you with us???
I’m happy to donate!!!

Birthdays, Family Reunions & Weddings – Anything is possible at Café am Michaelshof!
Do you have a family celebration planned in 2023? A wedding or a team event in the company? Or how about a brunch with your best friends? Then the Michaelshof is your location! We are happy to cater for larger groups with cakes & coffee, hearty food and everything your heart desires. Always with the best organic quality of course!
Contact us over cafe-am-michaelshof@sammatz.de or by call to 05858 97030

Bergkäse 50%  2,27€ instead of 4,59€ per 100g
Don’t miss this chance! 

Our super tasty mountain cheese is currently on sale. It convinces with full flavor from 12-24 months ripening time and its fine-nutty aroma. Our mountain cheese tastes especially delicious for dinner on the cheese platter and is also wonderfully suitable for gratinating.

Michaelshof up to date – all opening hours at a glance!

Ark yard:
Mon-Sun                       9.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
Sat & Sun                    12.00p.m. – 18.00 p.m.
Farm store:
Mon-Fri                         09.30 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.
                                      15.00 p.m. – 19.00 p.m.
Sat, Sun & holidays       10.00 a.m. – 19.00 p.m.
The WAGEN in Lüneburg:
Wed & Sat                     07.00 a.m. – 13.00 p.m.


Events 2023 at the Michaelshof
You’re probably wondering, how our 2023 Michaelshof event program looks like? Well it’s on its way – full of information about great festivals, music and some surprises from different corners of our creative universe. We’ll give you more details in the February newsletter!

Until then, we are happy to share our first events with you: for example, the talk on International Women’s Day. Womanhood – what does it mean in our time? Herself is the woman? Or rather Team-Work makes the Dream work? What similarities and differences do we have with men and where do we complement each other? We want to talk about the roles of women, about man-woman-relationships and also little morally about the one or other taboo-topics.
March 8 – 6 to 8 p.m. – Talk on International Women’s Day.
Or how about our Eulenspiegel-Seminar? There’s a lot going on – we’re already spoiling:

«This is about problems. Who doesn’t have them? At home, at work, somewhere.
You tell us about them, us, your weekend group. With you: Malte and Hannah. We’ve been living in the Michaelshof community for a long time. It’s all about solving problems. Big ones, small ones, in relationships, at work. Their solution usually leads into the ‘private rooms of the soul’. To speak out of it: always a risk. Tact, humor and empathy are prerequisites for finding fruitful solutions. And that in a short time, cause for us, work usually calls…
But its a good basis, even in a short time, to find solutions with people you don’t know so well. That is possible! We have already experienced it in many meetings. Often one leaves with the feeling of having met friends. And new points of view to solve our problems.
Just one thing: For this to work, you’ve got to have a bit of toughness. (If you find us hurtful and ignorant: Then you just leave, and we’ll find out together: it doesn’t fit. Our guarantee for you: money back.)
But, in our experience, this process usually leads to forming human bonds that carry us further through life.
We look forward to seeing you!
Your Eulenspiegel-Duo»

18./19. March
10./11. June
25./26. November
– max. 12 participants
Eulenspiegel-Seminar: SIGN UP NOW

Birding field notes from Finn Seixas 

25.01.2023 | Near Tießau – It’s grey, cold and moderately windy. At least we’re spared the rain. Since we’re in the transitional area between the forest-covered Tießauer Elbhöhen and the Werder – the shore zone on the Elbe – we first notice the typical garden and forest birds. Here we find finches, thrushes, treecreepers, goldcrests, woodpeckers, corvids, but also already field birds like the yellowhammer. Especially the high woodpecker activity is striking. Variegated, green and black woodpeckers land on our observation list within a very short time. Also a grey heron and about 15 mallards come into our field of vision. A little further, cormorants and mergansers fly overhead. And a little further on – between the harbor and the harbor entrance – a loud call makes us sit up and take notice. My inner database says: “Kingfisher!”, but since we can’t make out anything visually, we need more patience. Then suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I see something small, just above the water surface, crossing the river, flitting towards the other bank. Even if one cannot perceive the colors in this dull light, it is immediately clear to me: here flies the kingfisher.
On the way to the second perch, a pair of Common Raven thrills us with their courtship synchronous flight and we still meet Chaffinches, Yellow Buntings, probably a Treecreeper and a Buzzard. A great day of bird watching!
Have you met…?
CARO is an inveterate Sammatzian! Since she was born here 22 years ago, she has been whirling around the village with her energetic, motivated nature. Her passion for the Café am Michaelshof is actually as old as the café itself. There, where she used to help out every spare minute, she now manages the well-attended establishment year-round. Whether she’s working as a barista, cutting cakes, doing ice cream sundaes, or serving in a good mood – as long as the customers are happy, Caro is happy.
She is also currently working her way into the finance area, where she takes care of orders and accounting – cakes & numbers, a special mix that definitely provides variety.

For Caro, it has long been clear that she has found her place in the world. “Sammatz is simply my place!” Sure she went to Spain and other countries to travel from time to time, but the big goal has always been to work at Michaelshof after school. Especially because volunteers from all over the world have been with us since 2016, it has become a lot more exciting and colorful to live in the middle of nowhere in a community. After all, plenty of people come over!

Caro is a true cheerful soul and can amaze entire rooms with her laughter. She loves the volunteers and is known for her legendary café tidy-up – even the guys and gals from the construction site love to come over for that.
You can always marvel at her dancing qualities in the summer, when people start dancing to our folk music again.

Exerpts from the brown book

This month we’d like to share with you a few impressions from The Brown Book, our record of goodbye messages from the thousands of volunteers who’ve stayed with us over the last seven years:

Little did I know that this place would soon become my safe space, 10.000km away from home. Here, I have met people who taught me so much about life and that changed the way I think about the world. We worked together, had dinner together and cried and laughed together.

Liza-May, South Africa
I am really thankful for the ruccola I got to harvest and the tulips I got to plant. And to be part of this community for three weeks. I will miss this place.
Zebulon, Sweden

It was not difficult to adapt because in Sammatz we feel at home! The Blue House is very cozy and in it we have everything we need! Sammatz is very special because there is no difference between volunteers and the people of the community, everyone works together, they eat the same meal, and this is beautiful to see!
Thamires, Brasil

I learned to appreciate the small things that I used to take for granted. I learned that things are not always what they seem and you have to give second chances. I learned to expect the unexpected. I’m leaving but I can say that now I have a home in Germany and, you know…you always return to home 🙂

Nicolas, Colombia

Do you know someone who would like to join Michaelshof-Volunteering? Then go ahead and sign up at:
Here’s how to apply for Volunteering

Info from partners
from our surroundings


GEN-Germany – Transregio Project

Regional change – the way to the post-growth society – 11.03. 2023 in the community project ‘Am Windberg’.
Different Regions in Germany are showing how here and now a solidary, growth-free and good life for all is possible. And how would concepts like solidarity, common good, post-growth, commons and regeneration look like in a lived regional practice? How does this work and what role do civic initiatives, an enabling administration, far-sighted politics, responsible research and a considerate economy play in this? Click here for the program.

Have you ever heard of Afrotopia? It’s a pretty cool project in Hamburg. ‹Afrotopia – a philosophy that challenges us to rethink Africa itself. Rethinking Africa means no longer leaving the responsibility to others to talk about and Africa, to shape and decide for and without Africa, but rather to work together with our neighbors at eye level for a common future.› Check it out!

Live better differently?!
Find out how you can become active! Via the ‘Screen’ you are right in the middle of living sustainability and find like-minded people, concrete knowledge, practical examples and places of inspiration! Aha-experiences guaranteed! Click here for the program!
Click here for the program!


A few impressions from the community’s everyday life…

January was as busy as ever. We were outside a lot, celebrated community and had fun…
The flair of the Flachsenberg in the evening was at least as exciting…
…as the first ice cream at the Waldsee. Cold but delicious! 
This spectacular sunset was a lovely reward for the tulip planters!
Blue House impressions and the clean-up crew in Wietzetze.
A big thank you also to Daniel and Leif who are diligently laying all the necessary pipes and getting house 8&9 at Flachsenberg ready for backfilling!
We are looking for an unconventional teacher for our small Selma Lagerlöf Special Education School, for the school year 23/24. We like young and enthusiastic as well as experienced and wise, and preferably with special education experience! We are entering our first year after our probationary period, and we are a colorful school in the countryside with close ties to Michaelshof and lots of potential.
And what about you? Do you feel like doing something new? Teaching children and young people differently? Feel free to contact us!
For our team we are looking for committed and dynamic people who like to take on responsibility and have a passion for country life. Is a meaningful activity more important to you than a “9 to 5 job”? Then we are the right place for you!
We are looking for professionals or interns in these areas:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture / Gardening
  • Construction work
  • Janitor
  • Pot and greenhouse maintenance   

  • Market cart seller
  • Farm store
  • Bakery
  • Confectionery

        People & Healing
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Pedagogy / Home Education         
Your qualification is not listed but you’re still interested? Just give it a try!
Please send your application with a photo to claudia.brady@sammatz.de – we will contact you!
Greetings also from the next generation! A colorful mix of highly exciting young universes. Whether you’re a professional soccer player, a number cruncher, a hands-on hero or an organizer.
They all grow up together, rub up against each other and discover their unique abilities in the process.
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