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Nr. 10 / MAI 2021
                                   #21 / APRIL 2022

Sammatz Deluxe
Memories of a pretty cool visit at Michaelshof

Last Saturday, some of us just couldn’t believe it. No wonder, if you grew up with ‘Weck mich auf’ and ‘Poesiealbum’ by Samy Deluxe. Sophia, true fan and believer made contact with the Hamburg hip-hop legend. And then he was actually there, dined professionally undercover in the café and really impressed us. In the afternoon, to the delight of the kids, he sprayed at two locations. Now the Michaelshof is officially Deluxe! Thanks Samy! See you next time!
Sunday, MAY 8, 2022, 11 a.m.–6 p.m.
Imagine wandering through a colorful sea of blossoms, spring air around your nose, birds chirping. Colors and information in the garden invite you to linger. While you look and ponder, enchanting music blows at your ear …

No dream! A warm invitation to the Tulip Festival on Sunday, May 8! The weather has kept us waiting a bit, but now they are here and we celebrate the gaiety, elegance and poetry of the beautiful spring plants!
There will be poetry in the arena, delicious food, music, and colorful bouquets of tulips to take home in the campus garden. Be sure to bring kids! We will do handicrafts and make-up, and there will be exciting stories to listen to. The café will of course be open, and by the way, it’s Mother’s Day – invite your loved ones right along!
There’s something going on in the fields!
When spring arrives, there’s only one thing farmers can do: finally get out to work the soil, fertilize, plow and sow. Sounds like machines, noise and GPS – true, but there’s something else behind it all: The farmer has to know what he’s doing, of course. But he can’t produce plants or make them grow alone. For that, the wisdom of the whole of nature and the cosmos must help: From the sun to the weather, from the plant itself to the hidden life of humus, all are involved when things thrive in the field. We are happy to have such a competent and responsible farmer in Sven – nature is certainly happy too!
With the harrow weeds are harrowed out of the grain field.
This is where the manure from our Demeter cows is applied to the meadow.
Here are a few figures so that you can get an idea of our agriculture: We farm a total of 160 ha of land biodynamically, of which 100 ha is arable land and 60 ha is pasture land. Since February we have worked 70 ha of arable land and 24 ha of pasture land. In the middle of March we started sowing. For this we will need a total of 7 tons of grain, 6.5 tons of potatoes and 1 ton of grass seed with clover. We will grow cereals (wheat, rye and oats) on a total of 94 ha, and potatoes and beets on about 6 ha. We are particularly pleased that this year we are converting 35 ha of arable land to organic farming!
Everything is new in April
When you have worked for many years in one of the seven residential groups of Peronnik, you sometimes dream of change. A few weeks ago came the really big surprise: P6 would become P7 – our whole group would move into one of the new houses at Flachsenberg!
How exciting! Of course we immediately went with man and mouse to the inspection: At the end of the small residential area with a wonderful view of the forest, the “Pumpkin House” with its orange facade gleamed cheerfully at us. First (argument) question: who gets which room? More importantly, much was needed to be purchased to fill the house with furniture. We started a village survey. After a few days I had the feeling that someone ‘up there’ was directing things, because we were offered exactly the things we still needed, and exactly when the item was about to go on the list of new acquisitions. Our move was simply under a good star from the very beginning!
“You must be doing a lot of exercise now!” a child said to me after I had run up and down the stairs for the umpteenth time. That’s actually true, my work now includes the fitness program! But I love this house and the work with the children and young people in the beautiful new rooms so much that I immediately moved in myself! A new start on all levels …
Many thanks again to all the hard-working helpers, the planners and builders of this house! We are very happy!
Alice Theves, P7
Good things from Sammatz
It is available with Demeter Beef and of course vegan: the one and only organic SAMBurger! A customer wrote “Best food in town” the other day – we cook it with love and have been working on the perfect recipe for a long time. Wednesdays and Saturdays at the weekly market in Lüneburg, Thursdays in Barendorf (in front of Edeka) and Sundays in Sammatz!
Demeter Lamb Chop
A delicacy in best organic quality: Tender lamb chops from our own breeding. Super tasty and a contribution to the preservation of the old domestic breed of East Frisian dairy sheep, which – as is customary on a farm – give milk and wool and are also slaughtered. Delicious! In the farm store and at the market cart.
Marula face cream
Raise the curtain on the pampering face cream from the Manufaktur am Michaelshof. The organic marula oil traditionally used in South Africa makes the face cream pleasantly light. The refatting and moisture-binding properties provide a soft skin feeling. Simply wonderful!
Events in May
Saturday, May 7, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Sammatz Day

Immerse yourself in the life of our community for a day. Join us, get to know an unusual place and its people. Let yourself be inspired by the Sammatz spirit and feel what really matters in life.
Sunday, May 8 11 a.m.-6 p.m. 

When a sea of color awakens the most beautiful spring feelings in the Sammatz Gardens, we celebrate the elegant, joyful tulip with music, info, delicious food, bouquets and a colorful children’s program.
Saturday, May 21, 8 p.m.
Walk Through the Insect World – Bumblebees 

Lecture with image projection

Biologist Sara Groß takes us into the realm of insects. Today it’s all about bumblebees and their fascinating ways of life.
Saturday, May 28
9 a.m.-4 p.m. 

Festival of the Animals

A celebration of our beautiful, beloved Ark farm animals. We’ll show you what’s so special about Vorwerk chickens, Angler red cattle, dairy sheep and woodland goats. A day on the farm for big and small!
Michaelshof up-to-date – at a glance!

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Michaelshof Sammatz
Sun                                 12.00 p.m.-06.00 p.m.
Spring means ants in the pants!
I step out of the house and wonder what else can go wrong except a few clouds in the sky. I take off my socks and throw myself into the hustle and bustle of young and middle-aged, hipsters and families, I put on my nicest smile and say: Hey, welcome to Sammatz! With ease I sort the dishes in the crowded café and find delight in the amazed comments around the gardens. I have ants in the pants – it’s spring, after all! I’m chatting and leaping and feeling amazing!
And then suddenly someone stands calmly in my way and asks me how I’m doing. And before I yell, ‘Great!”, I realize that maybe I’m only half aware of how I’m doing. Maybe I’m a little overwhelmed? Or sad? Or pensive? I stand there and don’t know the answer at first, and whether the other person really wants to know honestly.
Ora et labora, pray and work! Although I often found the thought creepy, it has something reassuring. What one accomplishes with it is to ask oneself the important questions, to accept the silence and to endure it. You take time to ponder, to experience, to seek the truth. Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t that difficult?
And as I follow my thoughts on their paths, I realize that it would probably be quite good to gather both under one big beautiful roof – the forward and the pondering. Because just as spring celebrates the festival of colors in its explosion of nature, it brings out very delicate little flowers that touch you in the soul. So my tender part is also allowed to shine through the ‘tough girl who is so wonderfully strong’ from time to time. That makes me happy. It blossoms and weaves…
Ås – Norway
Going to Sammatz was my first time volunteering abroad, and it was an amazing experience. I was only 18 years old and straight out of school when I first came with my friend Paolo, so didn’t really know what to expect. But I quickly fell in love with the place and its’ people. Everyone was so open and welcoming, the gardens and landscape were so idyllic and tranquil, and there were so many people to meet and things to do and learn.
I have many good memories of interesting conversations while weeding the gardens, warm summer afternoons, cycling in the countryside with new friends to the swimming lake on the other side of the Elbe, concerts by the Waldsee, folk dances with the community and delicious ice creams after work.

One of the best parts of working at a farm is of course tasting the fruits of our labour: jams, eggs, cheeses, milk, freshly baked bread, fresh fruits and vegetables. Alles bio und alles lekker. Especially with Christian and the fantastic kitchen team to turn them into delicious meals every lunch time.
             Weeding in Sammatz                       Planting apple trees in Norway
       Sheep herding in Sammatz                        Goat herding in Norway
As I kept raving about this organic farming community in Germany so much when I went back home to England, my friend Tom and sister Polly decided to join the following year, and she ended up staying for some months.
Currently I am studying a degree in plant science in Norway, so still think back to times in Sammatz when studying sustainable agricultural methods and organic food production. I have also done a lot of agricultural work in Norway the last few years: milking goats, raspberry farming and potato breeding. I think this was inspired in part by the varied agricultural work we did in Sammatz, as it’s there I realised the joy of working outside and getting dirt under the fingernails, as well as how social and rewarding working in farming can be.
I feel like volunteering at Sammatz changed me into a more open, social and appreciative person, and has given me a network of interesting and sustainable minded people all over the world, some of whom I later met up with. I am very grateful to all the Sammatzians and volunteers who work tirelessly to make the place what it is and hope to come back again some time.

Things on the web we 
Attention all friends of our playlist – this month we have a crash course in samology: 6 tracks for everyone who wants to get to know Samy Deluxe: Weck mich auf, the all time classic, Poesiealbum, a stroke of genius of modern rhyme art, Championsound, just cool, Champions, for wild dancing nights, Eines Tages, something thoughtful and the touching: Superheld. Enjoy!

And one more thing: we have always been Dieter Duhm fans. With his concept of healing biotopes, he brings a lot of light into our world. If you want to hear what he has to say about knowledge and love click here!

VISIT 1 – One weekend, two communities. We visited Schloss Tempelhof in Baden-Württemberg and Schloss Blumenthal in Bavaria. We met great people, moved related and yet again completely different questions, goals and problems. An exciting start for more community networking!
VISIT 2 – The Michaelhof is filling up again! Not only with garden visitors, but also with the first school classes and interns who are learning and helping with us! A special feeling.
ARRIVED 1 – have the most cute kids of this year! Incredibly droll to look at – an attraction on the farm. With this, the quite crazy birthing and midwifery time of our agriculture-team is slowly coming to an end. Have a good sleep, Sara, Sanne & Co!
ARRIVED 2 – have also two new electric cars for Peronnik, which we were able to purchase through a special grant. This brings our e-fleet to 4 cars – and the CO2 footprint goes down further!

Job of the month: Service geniuses wanted!

Selling is an art and a passion. You love Michaelshof products and you want to work with a cool, international team? Then get in touch with us – the season is in full swing and we are happy to accept café lovers with stamina, burger sizzlers with a love of patties, or farm store specialists with an all-round view into our crew. Are you with us?
For our team we are looking for committed and dynamic people who like to take on responsibility and enjoy country life. Is a meaningful activity more important to you than a “9 to 5 job”? Then you are right with us!
We are looking for professionals in the field of:

  • Accounting

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture / Gardening
  • Construction Worker
  • Janitor

  • Market Cart Manager
  • Café Service Help
  • Farm Shop

        People & Healing
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Pedagogy / Home Education         
Your qualification is not here, but you are still
interested? Just try it!
Please send your application with photo to  claudia.brady@sammatz.de – we’ll be in touch!
Our pig massage studio á la Noema is open again. Appointment coordination does not work quite right yet, but a little wait the boars also do not find so bad…
This is what commitment looks like ladies and gentlemen! Our raving reporter Klara is never intimidated by her size and takes photos and videos full of life. If you know her laugh and her style, you too would love to have her permanently installed in your community. Klara, thank you, the video is awesome!  See you next time when it’s ‹Camera rolling, spotlight on, Klara is on fire!›

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Anschrift: Im Dorfe 11
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