Niko did a series of interviews of volunteers for this website. He suggested talking to a youth at Peronnik as well. Niko knew Johanna from daily life in Sammatz and as well from holidays in Denmark. For his other interviews please see here.

Nikolas- Hello! We are here with Johanna, and Johanna is … – how old are you?

Johanna- Fifteen.

N- Johanna is fifteen. She lives here with Peronnik, at P5, yes? Do you want to tell us something about yourself?

J- I’m Johanna, I’m 15 years old, I live in Sammatz.

N- Where are you from?

J- I’m from Lüneburg.

N- And how long have you been here?

J- Four and a half years.

N- Long! And what do you like to do for fun?

J- Go to school. Reading, bathing …

N- What do you enjoy most?

J- Read.

N- What?

J- ‹Sophienlust›. Novels … (shows a novel)

N- OK … I’ve already seen that at the supermarket. Why are you interested in it?

J- Because I find it exciting, interesting.

N- Why?

J- You can learn something from it. You can read about the fates of other people, and how they deal with it.

N- What do you want to do when you are older?

J- Something with children, most of all with disabled children.

N- So really something like Peronnik?

J- No, with severely disabled children.

N- Ah, something like care. That’s great, very noble.

J- But I do not know if I can do it.

N- Oh, just learn!

J- Well. Definitely something with children.

N- So you have to learn a lot.

J- I know that.

N- But that will work, because you are already eager to learn, if you read all these books.

J- I’m also looking for first aid courses on the Internet.

N- I am trained in first aid, so if you want to learn something …

When you’re big and you want to work with kids, you can not shout at them – you have to be patient and nice!

J- I know that. (Laughing)

N- Aha, so you’re going to get mad just now.

J – Actually, I’m always nice to smaller children.

N – You are actually pretty nice to all people. I see. Usually, unless you try to bite them. (Laughing)

J- (chuckling) Well, depending on my mood. But actually I am always more patient with smaller ones than with adults who are stressing me out.

N- Ah, probably, because you can bite the kids more easily!

J- Nooo!

N- Well, I think you’re very nice. You always stand for what is good. It’s clear you are diligent, smart and mostly friendly.

I think that’s worth a lot at your age because this is often not so easy to find amongst teenagers.
If you’re kind to people, that’s really a loving gesture, not just something external because you’re supposed to be nice.

J- So, just how it comes.

N- OK, no more compliments, you can not tolerate more. (Laughs) Just a teenager.

J- That was already the case beforehand.

N- Ah. You know, 90% of people have this problem. Nobody can handle compliments.

J- That’s true.

N- Oh, you already know that? – What are you most interested in when you study people like that, adults?

J- Crying. The weaknesses of the people.

N- Oh, dangerous. What would you say is my weakness? Then I’ll tell you what I think is yours.

Deliberate – break)

Or what is Hans-Michel’s weakness? Maybe checking things? Organisation?

J- If he does not feel accepted.

N- Oh! (Applauds, everyone laughs.)

OK, and Niko?

J- I do not know.

N- And do you want to know what I think your weakness is?


This is going to sound very philosophical and boring, but if you’re really mad, you’re missing something … help me out. I do not know … I do not really know what your weakness is.

J- Showing weakness is a sign of strength.

N- Wow. I am really impressed. We are now coming to a fascinating point, I do not even remember what else to ask. — Perhaps that is is a good final sentence for the interview?
You will definitely have a great future. And do not go jail, that will not do you any good!

Can you say another thing that appeals to you about Sammatz or Peronnik?

J- The Community. Everyone is together. Nobody lives alone in separate families. Everyone lives together and not just next to each other.

N- Wow. So I think that’s the best interview I’ve done so far.

(Everybody is laughing)

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