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A visit to the Sammatzer Gardens whisks you away to a place where plants, flowers, trees and botanical features and in abundance. Along the way, eight different garden areas await you, which you can learn about by clicking on the bar above. All these gardens together form a nature park in which we welcome you and which you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

Nature formed by man

– since always a space for reflection, experience and enjoyment

Garden worlds – developed from nature

As you can see, each garden has its own character: the perennial plateau and the arena are primarily the kingdom of perennial flowering perennials and grasses. Our roses are mainly to be found in the appropriately named ‘Rosengarten’, but you can also admire them in many other places – over 3000 roses from about 400 varieties, each with their own expression. You can even see some blooming from the end of May to December… At the Waldsee, magical flower terraces nestle on the steep eastern shore, while the curtains of the high fountain play over the waters of the cosy spot. Everywhere the facilities are designed entirely out of the shape of the landscape, the astonishingly hilly terminal moraines that immediately adjoin the Elbtalaue and make this area of northern Germany so unique.

As you walk from garden to garden, you will not only see a multitude of blooming flowers, but also tall trees, such as our centuries-old oak tree, as well as countless bushes and shrubs that accompany you on your journey.

Spring, summer, autumn & winter

The gardens change with the season: at spring time the beautiful tulip blossom, when thousands of flower bulbs finally reveal themselves in a colourful spectacle in the sunlight. In summer, there are palm trees, agapanthene, countless flowers and a number of exotic plants that await but these are moved into the greenhouse during winter to survive.
In the autumn the multicoloured dahlias and asters bloom again in all their splendour. But it is also worthwhile to come here when the temperature is cold – the landscape itself is best experienced when the ground and the trees are bare and the contours of the lines that border the landscape against the sky are clearly defined.

Wells, ponds and a lake – and parrots!

Whether summer or winter, you will always encounter a number of different ‘waters’, from the large forest lake to the various small ponds that are scattered around, where you can see goldfish, frogs and many insects. You will also find various fountains along the way: from the terracotta wells, which are especially popular with the kids, to the wells that are more than one hundred years old and refreshed the body and soul of their visitors a long ago. Their trickling accompanies you through our gardens.

In our small tropical greenhouse you will not only meet a selection of tropical plants from all over the world, but also a colourful group of parakeets and parrots. Outside you will encounter quite often the runner ducks, who, constantly searching for snails, cross the flower beds. Your evening home is the big pond in the middle of the campus garden.

Art and nature

Here are also the new buildings, the house of nature and the youth hostel, which harmoniously and artistically fit the landscape: It is as if man and nature sing a song in unison. But art also permeates our gardens, so you will surely find the impressive wooden sculptures that appear in different places and in their mysteriousness guide the lingering observer to the edge of another world. This can happen to the listening visitor as well during the enchanting concerts at the Waldsee: The sound of the instruments seems to be combined with water, air and light at dusk. It is as if nature and human art spur each other on towards top performance.

A place for everybody

Regardless of your level of fitness, you will find a way to enjoy the Sammatzer parkland. There are two routes to choose from to guide the visitors: a fairly hilly course through the arena and a very level one that connects the farm courtyard and the café.
You will meet a wide variety of people, be it employees and volunteers from all over the world, children in need of care, who live and grow up in this therapeutic-pedagogical environment – and of course the guests who come to relax and refresh themselves in nature. Everyone meets each other and deals with each other in a friendly, open manner (mostly).
For those of you who are looking for a place of reflection or just wanting to rest or have a relaxed conversation before continuing, there are quiet corners and dozens of classic English-style garden benches that invite you to dwell.

Last but not least, you can finally visit our ‘Hausacker’ directly behind the Arche-Hof, home to many vegetables and a large number of medicinal plants. Everything is grown bio dynamically. You can buy the products in our farm shop.

You can come at any time of the year to experience our nature park. It is open to everyone. You can come during the day and stay until the evening to admire the starry sky, as Sammatz is located in one of the few areas that are still quite dark during the night. Although our gardens are lit up to 23 o’clock in subtle lighting, the starry sky can still be wonderfully observed.

So: whether in the morning, in the evening or during the day – we warmly welcome you to our gardens at Michaelshof.

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Adress: Im Dorfe 11, 29490 Sammatz
Phone: +49 5858 970-30
Donations Account
SAL Treuhandstiftung
IBAN: DE16 4306 0967 2007 5878 02

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